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The 2015 West Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing (WAFCEF-2) will be held in in Abidjan, La Côte d’Ivoire from 15th – 17th September.

The Forum will be organized as part of the ECOWAS Sustainable energy Policy & Investment High Level Forum. For more information on the High Level Forum please see the following link: 


Le forum sera organisé comme  un segment  du Forum de Haut Niveau des Politiques et Investissement en Energie Durable de la CEDEAO. Pour de plus ample information sur le Forum de Haut Niveau, veuillez, s’il vous plait, visiter ce lien suivant


The outline of the three day programme is as follows:

Day 1 (15.09.15) – WAFCEF-2 Business Plan Competition Preparatory Workshop

The first day will consist of a workshop where the Finalists will refine their investor pitches through mock presentations. The workshop will be led by the CTI PFAN Coaches and investment experts. This is an invitation only event.

Day 2 (16.09.15) – WAFCEF-2 Knowledge Sharing Platform 

This year, WAFCEF-2 will feature a day of round table policy-investment dialogue discussions. Policymakers and the investor community will interact and debate topical issues regarding policies, regulations and legislation aimed at fostering investment in clean energy. Stakeholders will also discuss challenges facing the sector and chart a path towards creating and or enhancing an enabling environment for increased investment in West Africa.

Day 3 (17.09.15) – WAFCEF-2 Investor Forum & Business Plan Competition

The main attraction of WAFCEF-2 is the Investor Forum which will showcase 10 investor ready projects from the West African region which have been specially groomed through the intensive CTI PFAN project development and preparation process. Each project will make a 15 minute investment pitch presentation to assembled investors and there will be ample networking sessions for investors to interact with project developers. The forum will be run in a business plan competition format with a panel of independent judges choosing the best projects for receipt of the CTI PFAN WAFCEF2 Clean Energy Financing Awards. Selected other projects from the WAFCEF-2 process will also participate at the Investor Forum through a poster session and be available for one-on-one interaction with investors and financiers.


The West Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing (WAFCEF2) is West Africa’s premier clean energy investment showcase. Participating projects were selected through a rigourous evaluation process having submitted to a call for proposals. Twenty projects were shortlisted and are receiving dedicated support and assistance from CTI PFAN professional financing advisors to help structure bankable business plans and professional investment pitches. The 10 best projects from this shortlist will present at the WAFCEF2 Investor Forum in September.

WAFCEF2 is sponsored and co-organised by CTI (www.climatetech.net), CTI PFAN (www.pfan.net), the United States Agency for International Development (www.usaid.gov), the International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (www.icett.or.jp/english) together with the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa of the African Development Bank (www.afdb.org), the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (www.ecreee.org), Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement (www.boad.org), and the African Biofuels and Renewable Energy Company (www.saber-abref.org), which is affiliated with the ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development (www.bidc-ebid.com).

For further information about WAFCEF2 please contact Albert Boateng, CTI PFAN Regional Coordinator for West Africa at  – albert.boateng(AT)ppl-int.com (please replace “(AT)” with “@”)


WAFCEF-2 Organizers

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