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For Investors and Financial Institutions

PFAN screens business plans, selects the most economically viable and environmentally beneficial projects, and provides multiple rounds of coaching and guidance before projects are presented to investors. PFAN is currently working with more than 358 clean energy projects across Asia, Africa, Latin America and CIS & Central Asia. Globally, PFAN has raised over USD 1.2 billion of investment for 87 clean energy projects, which have led to annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions of 2.6 million tonnes CO2e. And that is just the beginning: under its new hosting arrangement with UNIDO and REEEP, PFAN’s operations will be scaled up by a factor of two to five by 2020.

For investors, PFAN offers compelling opportunities to access a select pipeline of investment-ready clean energy projects with attractive potential returns, and verified environmental and development benefits.

The project database (see below) gives an impression of the technological and geographical diversity of the projects in the PFAN pipeline. If you have any queries about specific projects or the pipeline in general, please contact us.

Network membership is free and open to all applicants (especially investors based in regions and countries of PFAN operations) who can demonstrate a track record in raising finance for clean energy and climate change projects. Please note that during the transition to UNIDO/REEEP hosting arrangement for the new PFAN, membership applications may be asked to wait until the transition is complete. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

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