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For Governments and Donors

PFAN’s goals are to accelerate technology transfer and diffusion under the UNFCCC, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, promote low-carbon, sustainable economic development, and help facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy by increasing financing opportunities for promising clean energy projects.

PFAN achieves this by sourcing technically and commercially viable clean energy and climate change projects, nurturing their development through mentoring provided by networks of in-country financial advisors, entrepreneurs and technical experts and then facilitating investment through its global investor network.

In the 11 years since it was founded, PFAN has developed a project pipeline of 358 clean energy and climate change projects in developing countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, CIS and Central Asia. It has raised over USD 1.2 billion of private sector financing, representing ca. 701 MW of clean generation capacity and an aggregate annual GHG mitigation potential of over 2.6 million tonnes of CO2 e. This has been achieved with just a small amount of public funding: for every USD 1 of donor funding received, PFAN has raised USD 80 to 100 of investment for its pipeline projects.

PFAN-supported projects increase access to clean and modern energy services, helping reduce poverty and positively impacting sustainable development goals (health, gender equality, education, employment). The PFAN approach also contributes to the establishment and development of local financial and consultancy markets and eco-systems in the countries in which PFAN operates.

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