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Site URL: www.arunllc.jp

ARUN LLC have invested in the social entrepreneurs in the developing countries, based on the fund capitalized by Japanese individuals and corporate partners since 2009. They invest in the social entrepreneurs who tackle social problems such as poverty in the developing countries. These entrepreneurs do not depend on the conventional forms of aid, but strive to solve the poverty by the power of their independent business and improve the society. ARUN connects the entrepreneurs and the investors through investment activities, aiming to create “meaningful money” flow of investments that contribute to the sustainable and rich society where we all live together, and to build a platform, which leads the social investment. ARUN discovers potential enterprises and business in the developing countries, and assesses them as investees according to our social and economical standards. Not only providing funds, ARUN supports the investees through other types of support they need in order to increase the investment value of the enterprises. They employ a new system where investors themselves become involved in ARUN’s operation so that ARUN’s business project itself makes the difference in the society.

Member Type: Investor
Regions: Asia