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Accord Global Environment Technology Co., Ltd. (AGET)

Site URL: www.accordgetc.com

AGET is a leading Chinese home-grown carbon asset manager and low carbon economy consultant. Its mission is to make contribution to combating climate change as well as to helping enterprises and individuals in developing countries to implement sustainable development in an environmental, social and financial rewarding way. AGET applies its breadth of experience, diversity of expertise and innovation to provide carbon finance solutions to projects reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For AGET’s Chinese partners, AGET provides comprehensive service from identifying, developing, managing projects to selling and carbon credit delivery. For AGET’s global clients, AGET’s large portfolio of carbon credits with various project types gives buyers a wide spectrum of choices. AGET also sources specific type(s) of projects at all scales to meet clients’ special needs.

Partner type: resource_partner
Country: Asia
Regions: China