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China Clean Energy Network (CCEN)

CCEN is a comprehensive, bilingual information platform devoted to China’s clean energy industries. China’s emerging clean energy industries are developing at breakneck pace, at the behest of China’s central government and 30 years of unprecedented economic growth. Opportunities abound in China’s clean energy industries, and CCEN stands at the forefront, equipped with years of industry experience and a vast local network.

CCEN has established itself as a vital business communication platform for both domestic and overseas energy enterprises, bridging gaps between private industry, government and academic institutions. CCEN’s aim is to operate in a productive and cooperative atmosphere, fostering communication and providing business services and industry contacts to those who need it.

Our professional website is committed to providing news and up-to-date information on both domestic and overseas clean energy companies, individual projects, government policy and initiatives. We cover the spectrum of clean energy: biomass, wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, energy efficiency, carbon emission reduction and carbon trade. Reports, articles and interviews cover emergent technologies, market news, project information and updates, investment opportunities and important deals. We provide a valuable reference point for enterprises seeking to stay on top of industry trends and formulate business action plans.

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Country: Asia
Regions: China