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  • Hanergy Holding Group – Cleanergy Investment Service (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

Hanergy Holding Group – Cleanergy Investment Service (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

Site URL: www.hanergy.com

Cleanergy, funded by Hanergy Holding Group –the largest and the most specialized private clean energy business in China – is a leading consulting firm focusing on energy conservation & emission reduction in China. Cleanergy focuses on global climate change and EC/ER, committing itself to the efforts of global climate change and China’s EC/ER. Up to now, Cleanergy has successfully provided consultation for numerous clean energy projects, including hydropower, wind power, biology power and waste heat recovery etc. As a subsidiary company of Hanergy Holding Group Limited, the broad development platform and in-depth training system of Cleanergy has created a highly qualified advisory team. More than 60% of its employees have masters or doctorate degree. Cleanergy takes the advantages of the Group’s global resources and upholds the tenet of the Group: “developing clean energy to achieve the ultimate environmental goals of human beings”. Cleanergy endeavors to broaden international cooperative channels, integrate domestic and overseas resources, and optimize project procedure. With its abundant project experience, outstanding R&D ability, high sense of responsibility, Cleanery is dedicated to provide excellent services for its clients.

Partner type: resource_partner
Country: Asia
Regions: China