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Local Government Unit Guarantee Corporation (LGUGC)

Site URL: www.lgugc.com

LGUGC is a private financial credit guarantee institution jointly owned by the Bankers Association of the Philippines, the Development Bank of the Philippines and the Asian Development Bank. Its primary goal is to increase access to capital markets for local government units (LGUs), water districts, electric cooperatives, state universities and colleges, and renewable energy projects. With more than 11 years in the industry, the partnership with LGUGC gives PFAN access to a spectrum of project developers and financial institutions. LGUGC has a portfolio of 18 outstanding accounts and 11 redeemed accounts in various sectors. Currently, LGUGC is managing the guarantee fund for Electric Cooperative System Loss Reduction Project (ECSLRP) of the World Bank – Global Environment Facility (WB-GEF) through the Department of Energy (DOE).

Partner type: resource_partner
Country: Asia
Regions: Philippines