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Established in 1989, Sucorinvest has dedicated its professional expertise to position itself as the investment boutique of choice for local and regional investors. Its pursuit of client satisfaction won the company recognition as one of the top 10 best brokerages in Indonesia. Sucorinvest’s focus on establishing relationships with local and international investors complements PFANs objective of opening the doors to financing for qualified projects in the advanced stage of development. A partnership between the two divides the process of project implementation into two distinct phases that fit into the core strengths of both organizations. PFAN can focus on the upstream component, by deploying its financial and technical experts to develop a pipeline of clean energy projects that are ripe for implementation. Sucorinvest meanwhile can focus on the downstream component, which is the process of brokering the projects mentored by PFAN to its pool of investors.

Partner type: resource_partner
Country: Asia
Regions: Indonesia