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  • Hop Thanh-Tra Linh 2 mini- Hydroelectric Power Plants

Hop Thanh-Tra Linh 2 mini- Hydroelectric Power Plants

An Sinh Joint Stock Company (ASICO) is an investment, consultancy, and construction company with more than 10 years of experience in Vietnam construction and energy sector. The company is developing a portfolio of mini hydroelectric power plants in Vietnam. It has successfully developed and currently operating 2 plants with total capacity of 11 MW, and now in the process of developing 2 additional mini hydroelectric power plants totaled 31 MW.

Project ID 422/GCC_273
Regions Asia
Country Vietnam
Technology Types Hydropower
Business Type Greenfield
Debt Asking Amount $30,600,000
Date of Pipeline Induction 30-09-2016
PFAN Consultant Name John Tran