PFAN at the 6th Latin America Energy Forum


Federico Fische, PFAN’s Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, will be moderating two sessions at the 6th Latin America Energy Forum taking place from March 16-18 in Washington DC.

The overarching theme of the Forum this year will be Capital Flows Underpinning the Energy Transition, where participants will seek to gain an understanding of how climate finance will flow and the tremendous opportunity this presents. Latin American governments will meet with international investors and global energy leaders to discuss the most relevant issues in the industry, attract investment and secure partnerships for the development of projects.


On day 2, Thursday March 17th, Federico will be guiding the discussion in Plenary Session 3 on ”Strengthening Energy Investments for Latin America & The Caribbean” which will focus on the themes:

  • What ESG indicators are investors looking for in Latin America and The Caribbean’s energy project finance?
  • Addressing the project preparation finance gap.
  • How can greater project preparation standards create more packaged, bankable projects and reduce deal timelines?


On day 3, Friday March 18th, he will moderate ”Interactive Boardroom 5: Decarbonisation through Emerging Technologies – Hydrogen, CCUS, Modern Bioenergy and Electric Mobility” where participants will discuss

  • What emerging technologies will be a catalyst to accelerate energy transition?
  • Lessons learned from major pilot projects around LAC
  • Green or Blue hydrogen: which one is more sustainable in the short-term?
  • Green Hydrogen: from pilot projects to scaling hydrogen.
  • Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS) – is the momentum growing? How can we equally develop CCUS practice in LAC?
  • Best practices in modern biomass deployment in LAC to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


More information in the 2022 agenda can be found in the Forum Guide.

Registration for LAEF is now open, join PFAN in Washington here!