Peter Storey

Global Coordinator

At the time of PFAN’s launch, Peter focused on clarifying the vision and set up of the network. As the network evolved, so too did his role, and his focus shifted to the development of the business model and network expansion. More than 360 projects later, Peter’s role today is to provide guidance and general management. He still likes to stay involved in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the work – something which he remains passionate about a decade down the line.

The structural changes that PFAN underwent in 2016/2017 have meant great growth potential and capacity to pursue new opportunities. It’s Peter’s job to ensure the network’s branches all maintain focus. “We want to keep a very narrow range of activities and results. The market today contains a lot of noise – some of it useful, some of it not. We need to keep focus, but grow in a meaningful way by identifying key partners. It’s an exciting, but challenging time.”

The real joy is being able to help other people reach their dreams – not only in seeing their work come to life, but also in making money and having a beneficial impact on the planet by reducing carbon emissions and helping to establish a new energy paradigm for a low carbon future.