Launched in partnership with the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP), this new PFAN Call for Proposals seeks projects & businesses offering energy efficient cooling solutions, to provide them with comprehensive services which, depending on their needs and maturity, may include business coaching, investment facilitation, tipping point technical assistance, invitations to investment forum pitch competitions and participation in investor roadshows.

PFAN’s goal is to bring projects to investment ready status and then facilitate investor introductions, providing advisory services for both equity and debt financing.

PFAN has worked with hundreds of projects around the world; 112 of these have successfully raised over USD 1.4 billion in investment.

Current cooling technologies primarily rely on human-made F-gases that can be exponentially more damaging than carbon dioxide in causing global warming. Cooling also uses huge amounts of energy, often fossil fuels, and is therefore a critical carbon emissions reduction challenge.


PFAN will select applications not only from businesses in developing countries that deliver greenhouse gas reductions by moving towards lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and improving energy efficiency of air-conditioning and refrigeration, but also from businesses working with other cooling solutions such as building design, shading, cool roofs, cold storage, cold chain technologies and super-efficient fans etc.

We strongly encourage women-led and gender-focused projects to apply for PFAN support.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligible regions:

South and Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, Eastern Europe & Central Asia, Caribbean & Central America, Sub-Saharan Africa

*PFAN evaluates and selects projects from the various regions on a quarterly basis and will continue to accept cooling efficient projects throughout the year. Deadlines for 4th Quarter Evaluation Rounds will be communicated in September.

Examples of cooling-focused projects previously supported by PFAN:

Cooling & agriculture, off grid power supply
Manufacture and sale of solar-powered energy independent dairy chilling machines to dairy cooperatives and farms in Africa.

Cooling & energy efficiency
Complete system that recycles the heat generated by air conditioners and uses it to heat water (without additional use of electricity). The efficiency created reduces the electricity consumption by 10% and reduces the heat transfer to the atmosphere by around 15%.

Cooling & agriculture, uneven grid power supply
Thermal energy storage system to keep milk cool at milk collection centres, as well as for cold storage and refrigerated transportation. It can be used with uneven grid power or solar energy, representing significant financial and carbon emissions savings when compared to diesel-operated coolers.

Cooling & homes
Energy-efficient ceiling fan that optimizes heat loss and achieves 65% more energy efficiency than a conventional fan.

Cooling as a service

We are particularly interested in supporting projects offering cooling as a service:


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