This project will develop community solar energy platforms (CSP) and mini-grids to provide modern electricity services to 100 villages in Burkina Faso.

It has been designed to improve upon the government’s existing Multi Functional Platform (MFP) programme, which provides diesel-powered agro-processing capacity to rural villages. The main shortcomings of the MFP programme, solved by the CSPs, include the high maintenance requirements of the diesel generators, and the cost and logistics of diesel supply.

The preliminary design for the CSP is a containerised solution offering ~15 kW of photovoltaic capacity, ~60 kWh of storage capacity, electrical agro-processing equipment, and a mini-grid that will be able to connect around 10 micro-businesses and 25 households. The energy and equipment will be made available for use by community members, households and micro-businesses on a pay-as-you-go basis with mobile payments.

The company implementing the project has been in operation for five years, and has already successfully implemented 450 KW of solar installations serving 175 residential and commercial clients in rural areas. The current project will be implemented as a joint venture with a large association of rural cooperatives, which has over 600,000 members and currently manages over 160 MFPs.