Kerala state currently imports 65% of its power from thermal power stations in neighbouring states, at a high cost. In order to stimulate power generation within the state, the state government is seeking to encourage private investment in the small hydro sector on a BOOT basis for 30 years.

This run-of-the-river hydropower project will operate continuously during monsoon season and intermittently in lean flow period.

A single unit of 1 MW capacity, with estimated annual power generation of 5.03 GWh, is planned to be implemented as Phase I of the project. Two additional units of 1 MW each will be added in Phase II, increasing the project’s total power generation potential to 11.2 GWh.

The project is located in a region which receives two monsoon seasons spanning over six months, with average annual rainfall in the range of 3500 mm. The project power house is located at a distance of a mere 30 metres from the grid.

Phase I of the project is planned to be commissioned by June 2019 and Phase II by June 2020.