Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I submit my proposal via email?

No. All submissions must be made through PFAN’s Climate Invest system. For additional questions regarding your application please contact our application support team.

2. I registered through the registration page, but I still cannot access PFAN’s Climate-Invest system. What should I do?

Please go to and click on “Reset or create password”. You will receive an email with a link which allows you to create a new password and access your project application.

3. I created an account and a new application in the PFAN’s Climate-Invest system, but the application form cannot be submitted. What is wrong?

Your application can only be submitted once the PFAN team has processed your registration. This can take up to two working days. An information box at the top of the application form will tell you the status of your registration.

Please also check that all mandatory fields are populated and that the required documents (Project Proposal, Financial Model, Executive Summary) have been uploaded to the application form.

For additional questions please contact the support team.

4. How does this Call for Applications for Climate and Clean Energy Projects work? Who is involved?

The organising partners for the Call for Applications can be found on each Call’s individual page. See all current Calls for Proposals here.

More information on the selection criteria and process can be found here. More information on what happens once your project is selected is available here.

5. Can PFAN fund my project directly?

No, PFAN does not directly fund any projects.

6. How will the coaching support be arranged and funded?

PFAN analyses the needs of each project on an individual basis, and puts together a coaching package to optimise your project’s chance of attracting investment.

The payment for these services will be made directly by PFAN to the assigned coach. There is no cost to the project developer.

If the project developer wishes to do so, a fee agreement may be signed between PFAN, the coach and the project developer, so that only upon financial closure the coach and PFAN may receive a fee from the investment proceeds. PFAN’s share of such fee, in combination with its donor funding, ensures it continues to (i) support an increasing number of projects with free business coaching and (ii) expand its investor outreach activities for the benefit of the projects. Any fee agreements are set up in line with market practice.

7. Are there any guidelines I should follow in preparing my Project Proposal?

Yes. We recommend you have a close look at the section ‘Preparing your Project Proposal’ on this website.

8. Can I get reimbursed for expenses made preparing for/participating in PFAN events?

PFAN does not reimburse costs incurred preparing and submitting a project application or corresponding with the PFAN team or project coach.

The costs for coaching will be paid by PFAN, as outlined in the answer to question 6.

If you are invited to attend a Project Development & Financing Workshop and an Investment Forum, travel and accommodation support for one team member will be arranged by PFAN. Travel support can only be provided to a project team member (starting her/his journey) from within the respective region.

Other team members are welcome to join workshops and forums at their own expense.

9. What are the benefits of submitting an application to PFAN?

Projects selected for PFAN assistance receive free business coaching. This coaching has been shown to greatly speed up the process of reaching investment-ready status, and consequently shorten the path to finding investment.

PFAN organises regional and international Investment Forums, where the most promising investment-ready projects are showcased to a group of investors from various categories (private equity, development banks, development funds, clean energy focused investors, and so on), increasing the probability of finding the best investor for your project.

PFAN also has a dedicated Investment Facilitation Team, which ensures investment-ready projects are introduced to target investors, throughout the process.

For more information, see ‘Why submit a proposal’.