PFAN Cooling Investment Forum March 24th & 26th


We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming PFAN Cooling Investment Forum!

Through generous funding by the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program, PFAN has a current focus on encouraging early-stage cooling projects into its pipeline. This programme is building momentum and is currently providing coaching to over 30 cooling projects with investment asks of between $1m-$50m. Our upcoming Cooling Investment Forum will showcase five of these projects for investor consideration and introduce them to regional investors that have a stated interest in cooling solutions.

The programme is spread over two sessions: the first on March 24 will introduce the cooling imperative and global state of play and current cooling investment issues as well as PFAN’s approach to supporting clean energy and climate entrepreneurs and connecting them with finance. The second session on March 26 is a more hands-on session that will dig into the details of each showcased project and allow our investor panel to ask questions and establish practical connections with the developers. This forum is a great opportunity to learn about PFAN’s approach to project development and how it could benefit your work by connecting thematic policy development on cooling with entrepreneurs, private sector investors and practical outcomes on the ground.

Register here to attend both sessions and gain interesting practical insights into accelerating cooling investment!

Download the full agenda here


Project Teasers from the Picthing Companies