A global network of climate and clean energy financing experts

PFAN consists of climate and clean energy financing experts across the globe. Counting on the expertise of local advisors allows us to provide better-tailored coaching services, taking into account the local market needs and dynamics. Entrepreneurs are matched with one of our PFAN Advisors who accompany them throughout their PFAN Journey.

PFAN mobilises private sector investment

A rapid scale-up of investment in clean energy generation capacity is required to replace energy generation based on fossil fuels and avoid the worst impacts of climate change. At the same time, significant investment will have to flow towards increasing the resilience of vulnerable populations and helping them to adapt to the changes already here and those still to come.

Governments alone will not be able to provide enough investment to achieve the impact required. Unlocking private sector finance in support of climate action is one of the main challenges that governments, international organisations and development banks have been grappling with since the Paris Agreement entered into force. PFAN has been tackling this challenge since 2006, using small amounts of public funding to leverage large amounts of private sector investment for clean energy and climate resilience projects in low- and middle-income countries.

Bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and investors

As technology prices continue to fall, clean energy projects become more profitable and the appetite of investors for such projects grows. Now is a time of enormous potential for the development of clean energy capacity around the world. There are many entrepreneurs out there with great ideas for clean energy and climate adaptation projects that are economically viable. However, especially in low- and middle-income countries, the projects and the investment tend to have difficulty finding each other:

  • Entrepreneurs simply may lack the connections to find investment, or may be unsure of what investors look for in a business plan
  • Investors may find it difficult to assess investment opportunities in markets they are not familiar with

PFAN bridges this gap by helping entrepreneurs build their businesses and present them in a language which investors will understand and be interested in. We then help investors find and recognise the potential of these businesses.


We aim to build clean energy markets one business at a time, mitigate climate change and mobilise private investment in support of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals. While combating climate change is our ultimate goal, in its day-to-day work PFAN is driven by a desire to help entrepreneurs succeed. We know that getting a project off the ground is difficult; we are aware of the barriers faced by entrepreneurs, especially those linked to accessing additional investment. Helping entrepreneurs overcome those barriers to fulfil their potential and contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation is what drives us.


Sectors and technologies

Agriculture and energy from forestry products

Biofuels, biogas & biomass

Biodiversity & eco-system services

Clean cooking

Clean technology

Climate change adaptation

Climate resilience

Clean transport


Energy efficiency and demand reduction

Energy storage and conservation

Renewable energy

Rural electrification and energy access

Solar energy


Urban resilience

Waste treatment / Waste-to-energy

Water and sanitation