Latin America & the Caribbean

PFAN’s LAC Track Record

  • Co-Designed CCREEE’s Project Preparation Facility (private sector focus)
  • Designed Uruguay’s 2nd Stage Energy Transition Fund (focus on circular economy)
  • Providing support and capacity building to CCREEE’s Project Preparation Facility
  • Established a LAC Investor Roundtable with a membership that exceed 35 organizations actively interested and investing in the region
  • Established a network of in-country or in-region advisors with a membership that exceed 25 experts
  • Supported nearly 50 projects, with 18 projects in the current pipeline

Main achievements since re-inception in 2019:

Supported projects reaching financial closure to date


Total investment leveraged through Q1 2022

$38 million USD

Supported nearly

50 projects

Pipeline (selected projects since 2019)

GSR Energy Holdings (GSR)

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Investment Amount
$19,000,000 USD

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We want to partner with others, we want to learn from others. This has been one of the many benefits of PFAN. PFAN has helped us focus our approach and attract foreign direct investment. I am comfortable telling you the facts; PFAN has helped us hone our presentation. We have a very small amount of time to catch the investors’ attention. PFAN has helped us improve how we do that.

Sharon Hughes, co-Founder and CEO of GSR Energy Holdings