The PFAN Team

PFAN is hosted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP). It is managed by a team that bridges both organisations.

Taiki Kuroda
Director, PFAN Execution, REEEP

Patrick Nussbaumer
Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO

Juliane van Voorst tot Voorst
Senior Manager, PFAN Operation, REEEP

Marko van Waveren-Hogervorst
PFAN Partnership Manager, UNIDO

Eva Kelly Oberender
Senior Consultant, Strategic Projects, REEEP

Olga Rataj
PFAN Consultant, UNIDO

Lukas Baumhauer
Senior PFAN Project Officer, EECA & CCA, REEEP

Colin Brouillard
PFAN Project Officer, Asia, REEEP

Teresa Oberascher
PFAN Project Officer, Sub-Saharan Africa, REEEP

Andrea Loucel
Project Assistant, UNIDO

Manpreet Hadapsarkar
Project Assistant, UNIDO

Maria van Veldhuizen
Senior Communications & Outreach Manager, REEEP