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PFAN is continuously expanding our network of specialist clean energy and financing advisors. We encourage consultants who can demonstrate a track record in raising finance for clean energy and climate change mitigation or adaption projects to apply. We accept applications to join the network from consultants based or working in the regions we are active. All applications are subject to a rigorous screening and vetting process. You can join the PFAN Network either as individual consultant or on behalf of your company.

Key criteria for selection are:

  • Alignment of expertise with the PFAN mandate;
  • Expertise in project coaching and investment facilitation in low- and middle-income countries;
  • Alignment of activities with the PFAN Charter (§4);
  • Proximity of location to the markets PFAN serves.

How to Apply

Applying as an individual

To apply as an individual, include the following information in your submission:

Your full CV and/or biography

A short description of your current professional activity and/or a profile/presentation of the company of your current employment (if applicable)

A brief description of your current professional activity for inclusion on our website

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Applying as a company

To apply as a company, please include the following information in your submission:

A corporate profile or presentation of your company, specifying your activities, company size, geographical coverage, track record, reporting accounts, financial information and similar, contingent upon domestic laws pertaining to the maintenance of records and bookkeeping requirements. This can be in any appropriate form and you are welcome to use existing corporate presentations.

A CV of the main contact person

A short description (2-3 lines) of your company

An official logo of your company in any of the available web-compatible graphic formats, for inclusion in the members section of our website

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What is the difference between personal membership and company membership?

In terms of any acquired rights, there is no difference between personal membership and company membership. For a company membership, the application should be filed on behalf of the company by an appropriately approved management instance or duly appointed and approved representative of the management.

Please note that all payments by PFAN under such contract will be directed to the exact contracted party. For example, if you have a personal membership, payments will be made to your account upon receipt of an invoice from you; whereas if your company is a member, payments under such contract will be made to your company’s account, upon receipt of a company invoice.

Submitting your application

To complete your application, please submit all the above files and documents digitally through our Climate Invest system. Please find guidance on how to submit your application here.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt after your submission.



What happens after submission?


After the PFAN Project Officer reviews the completeness of your submission, the respective Regional Coordinator may approach you to assess your compatibility with PFAN and evaluate your potential role in the network in line with PFAN’s core activities and mission. The assessment by the Regional Coordinator will then be forwarded to the PFAN Global Coordinator for an additional assessment. If your application is successful, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance by email.

A successful application does not automatically entitle you to assignments. Your services will be contracted based on project demand and resource availability.

Depending on the assignment, you will receive a PFAN coaching contract which describes the Terms of Reference (scope of work), the advisor’s deliverables and the entrepreneur’s deliverables. PFAN does not pay retainers and does not contract on a time rate basis, but instead pays fixed amounts against contract deliverables. Your work and deliverables will depend on the project’s stage in the PFAN journey, which you can find here.

For more information, please read the PFAN Charter, which outlines the regulatory and operational framework of PFAN activities and the PFAN network. Pay special attention to Annexes 3 and  4:

  • Development Framework (Annex 3 to PFAN Charter)
  • General Terms and Conditions for PFAN Agreements on Consulting Services (Annex 4 to PFAN Charter)