The PFAN Journey

The PFAN Journey

PFAN offers one-to-one business coaching and investment facilitation services to promising climate adaptation and clean energy projects, at no cost to the entrepreneur. The PFAN Journey aims to get you ready to meet investors, and once ready, enables targeted investor introductions.

  • It is a time-bound process, but with flexibility
    • to adjust the speed to the needs of mature projects/businesses, so you benefit from Investment Facilitation as soon as you are ready, or
    • to provide you and your team with the time you need before continuing to the next stage
    • At the end of every stage, if your project/business is not ready to progress to the next, you will be provided with guidance on the steps for you and your team to pursue. An update will be scheduled, so that you may progress into the next stage when you are ready.
  • Coaching is provided by industry experts, the PFAN Advisors, as well as other members of the PFAN Network during events, workshops or webinars.
  • Depending on regional and global events’ schedule, you might participate in one or more events organised by PFAN or by our partners such as thematic webinars, project development workshops and investor forums, or other activities in the sector and with investors.
  • PFAN’s aim is also to encourage members of the local financial ecosystem to develop sustainable commercial relationships.

The three-stage process

Duration: up to 1 month

What happens during this stage:

  • verification of project status and needs
  • agree on steps to get the project ready to meet investors
  • collect impact data

Entrepreneur’s contribution:

  • define the investment ask
  • share all relevant information
  • discuss risks/challenges openly

The outcome:

  • A detailed Action Plan to get your project/business ready to meet investors

Duration: 1 to 6 months

What happens during this stage:

  • Execution of steps identified in Stage 1, for example:
    • Development or refinement of the financial model, business plan, investor teasers and/or investor pitch deck
    • Support in rollout strategy development
    • Support in identifying land and negotiating land acquisition
    • Support in securing required licenses, PPAs or permits
    • Development of gender mainstreaming action plan
    • Development of governance structure
    • Guidance and coordination of feasibility, environmental assessment, or other studies
    • Supporting recruitment of C-level staff

The outcome:

  • Investor-ready business plan and financial model
  • Finalised investment structure
  • Investor-ready check
  • Secured PPA / Licenses / Audits / Feasibility Study / Land

Online investment presentation to PFAN Senior Members:

  • Opportunity to practice your investor pitch, receive feedback from experienced advisors and ensure you are ready for the next stage of investment facilitation
  • Signing of success fee agreement

Duration: 2 to 4 months

What happens during this stage:

    • finalisation of investor presentation
    • identifying and enabling targeted investment


Entrepreneur’s contribution:

  • submit investor presentation: practice, preparation, availability, focus

The outcome:

  • final investor presentation
  • target investor introductions
  • support in negotiations

Not yet ready to progress to the next stage according to your PFAN Advisor’s recommendation? Or need some time to work some things out? Your PFAN Advisor provides a list of items for you and your team to focus on and schedules a project update and reassessment, so your project or business may progress to the next stage when ready!

Get expert advice from PFAN Advisors

PFAN Advisors’ recommendations are the result of best professional judgement based on information available at the time and the assumption of correctness, completeness and truthfulness.

Success Fee

PFAN provides business coaching, project development support and investment facilitation services free of charge for businesses and projects that are selected for PFAN support.

We encourage success fee agreements between advisors and the businesses and projects that they work with under the PFAN programme, as a way to both:

  • contribute to a more sustainable local financial ecosystem in the long run, decreasing financial dependency on public resources administered by programs like PFAN; and
  • ensure alignment of interests between the advisor and the business/project following the business coaching phase as they enter the investment facilitation phase