PFAN to co-host Scaling Energy Tech @ Virtual ACEF 2020

The Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) is one of Asia’s leading clean energy events and is held each June. ACEF connects diverse stakeholders from across Asia and the globe, facilitates knowledge sharing, and highlights ADB’s groundbreaking work to scale up clean energy investment in the region.

During the Virtual ACEF 2020, ADB VenturesPFAN and New Energy Nexus will co-host an energy tech startup session. The session will showcase nine leading energy tech startups from around the world, and discuss the energy innovation and investment landscape in a post-Covid world. The session will include two parts:

PART I: June 18th  
Part I is an ACEF spotlight session with a larger audience. Speakers from ADB Ventures and New Energy Nexus will set the scene by providing some initial context related to energy tech investment landscape. This will be followed by short presentations from nine selected startups from three different sectors. Each startup will be given 4 minutes to introduce their company. There will be a brief Q&A for each sector.

PART II: June 19th  
Part II is an interactive session designed to zoom in on each startup and provide opportunity for the audience to engage and ask questions. During this session, the startups will be divided into 3 sectors, each startup will be allocated 20 minutes, including a 10 minutes pitch and a moderated Q&A. At the end of the session, the moderator will collect information, including follow-up requests, from the audience.