Circular Economy at PFAN: Increased efforts to support circular business models

Capacitating the PFAN Network: Webinar on a circular economy

In line with the increased focus on the circular economy, PFAN provided capacity building to its network through a series of webinars where participants learned and discussed the circular economy, its relevance to PFAN and the type of circular business models PFAN supports. More than 90 participants from all regions attended the webinars.

The webinars were conducted by Peter Ostojic, a circular economy advocate in Latin America, CEO of a circular economy business, founder of the Centre of Innovation and Circular Economy (CIEC) and creator and host of “Revolución Circular”, a podcast in Spanish on the circular economy and the fourth industrial revolution. He was also selected as “highly commended” by the World Economic Forum in the context of The Circulars 2017 in Davos for his leadership in the circular economy.

The sessions were followed by active Q&A sessions, demonstrating the interest of the audience in the topic.



PFAN “knowledge corner” on the circular economy

PFAN is pleased to launch a dedicated learning corner on the circular economy, including short videos from Petar Ostojic. A dedicated site on the circular economy and circular business models has been launched on the PFAN website. It can be accessed here. The site provides bite-sized learnings, the types of circular business models that PFAN supports and tips for circular businesses.

The “knowledge corner” on the circular economy aims to introduce project developers and businesses to the concept of a circular economy. As mentioned by Petar Ostojic, “If you are in the climate domain, your business is probably more circular than you think”. The site provides the basics to help businesses better understand the circular economy and circular business models and identify their projects and businesses as circular to make them more attractive to investors. It also aims to raise awareness of the potential of the circularity of businesses and spur them on to consider and include this dimension in their projects.


PFAN supports climate projects with circular economy elements

Are you looking to scale up your low-carbon, climate-resilient project/business with a circular element?

PFAN’s expert network of advisors can help you get there. Selected PFAN projects undergo intensive one-on-one coaching to perfect their business plans, financial structures and investment pitches. Once investment-ready, projects may be invited to present at PFAN and partner events or receive tailored investment facilitation services.

See more information at the PFAN Knowledge Corner on the Circular Economy here: