PPSE Holds Roundtable Discussion on Biogas: The Missing Piece in the Renewables Puzzle


The Pakistan Private Sector Energy Project, funded by USAID and implemented by UNIDO and Private Financing Advisory Network, held a multi-stakeholder roundtable discussion virtually, on 16th December 2021, to bring together diverse perspectives from the biogas sector, from academia, industry, small-scale farmers, government, development sector and financial institutions.

The roundtable included remarks by Peter Storey, PFAN Global Coordinator; Rabia Bukhari, Programme Specialist Energy USAID, PFAN biogas success story share by Dr. Chitra Rajan and a technical presentation by Dr. Rabia Liaqat, biogas specialist. It was posited that the technological and implementation bottlenecks surrounding biogas proliferation in the country must be met with nuanced understanding and multistakeholder lens, to unveil tangible learnings in various sectors to take biogas to the next level.

While Pakistan has immense potential to scale up biogas owing to its vast agricultural sector and under-utilised capacity in rural lands, biogas is yet to proliferate like other renewable resources such as solar and wind on a mass scale. To address the technical and practical lacunas in the biogas sector, a whitepaper will be formulated from the learnings of this discussion and be widely disseminated to multiple stakeholders. So keep watching this space!

We thank all the participants who gave us their time and expertise to build more knowledge.

Want to learn more about biogas in Pakistan?

You can watch the above video recording and read up on our agenda: BioGas-Agenda-FINAL (2)