The project is a 2 MW small hydro power generation scheme that will sell clean energy to the national grid operator, Kenya Power Company. The power generated will supply the South Nyanza distribution network and load centres at the vicinity of the project site. The generated electricity will be sold to Kenya Power, under a standardised Power Purchase Agreement as per the feed-in-tariff policy. The project site is located in Kisii County, one of the 47 counties in Kenya. The County lies in West Kenya and has a maximum demand of 391MW. The South Nyanza sub-region which encompasses Kisii County has an annual demand of 86 GWh. About 60% of the residents in this region are not connected to the national grid and rely mainly on kerosene for lighting and firewood for cooking.

Japheth Omari, CEO of Kuza, was supported in putting together his financial model and was advised with regards to the business model. Moreover, the PFAN advisor has reviewed and advised on grant agreements and accompanied the developer to meetings with grantors and helped in the negotiations.

He says, ”Through PFAN’s support in polishing our business model, coaching and investor linkages, Kuza has met and negotiated with different investors. PFAN has supported us in every step, increasing our project attractiveness to investors. We are greatly indebted to PFAN and specifically thank Wilfred Mworia for going an extra mile to support us in every step of our journey”.

Location Kenya
Investment amount USD $84,500
Technology area Hydro power plant
Business type Greenfield
GHG mitigation potential 1,84t CO2 e / year
Other impact Employment opportunities, catylizing economic development in the community through productive energy use support
Project IRR 13%
PFAN Regional Coordinator Wilfred Mworia