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Radix Lifespaces, run by Dr Chitra Rajan, is a company generating Bio Compressed Natural Gas (Bio CNG) from organic waste. It has grown from four small proof-of-concept plants to become the largest independent Bio CNG producer in India, with a capacity to process 40 tons of organic waste and produce 2 tonnes of Bio CNG every day. And Radix is not done growing – it has confirmed orders for the supply of 10 tonnes of Bio CNG per day.

The process of biomethanation, which breaks down organic waste using bacteria-rich enzymes, results in methane, a combustible gas that is suitable as a replacement for petroleum-based fuels. Efficient, reliable and inexpensive, the Bio CNG Radix produces as a replacement for petroleum based fuels, is used for thermal applications as well as automotive fuel.

Radix has raised investment of about $750,000 to date, including nearly $200,000 in equity and debt through PFAN. The company is now looking for further investment of $10-12M.

Radix has been coached by PFAN from the very beginning in 2013, when the company was just an idea devised by Dr Rajan. Her PFAN Coach’s willingness to go beyond the mandate and be there at all times helped her to achieve her goals. Even today, whether she needs advice on diversification, bringing in additional capital or even organisational issues, Dr Rajan can contact her PFAN Coach.

UNDP, together with the Govt. of India, has produced a short film on one of the plants, highlighting the profitability of the project:

Chicken Waste