PFAN Case Study: PAC Corporation Thailand

Due to the weather in Thailand being mostly hot and humid with an average peak temperature hitting 40°C, the air conditioner market in Thailand is constantly growing. It is estimated to be around $3 billion by 2025, owing to the rising population, increasing disposable income of consumers and increasingly affordable product offerings.

PAC Corporation Thailand is a female-led energy-saving cooling and heating products company located in Bangkok, Thailand producing innovative products, particularly focusing on water heating systems and energy-saving air conditioning systems. Atchara Poomee, owner and managing director of PAC Corporation Thailand, was supported by PFAN in building a cost-effective financial model, developing an attractive business model, securing investment and raising finance.

The company invented and developed the ‘PAC Frenergy’, water heaters that use the heat expelled by air conditioners. Hot water is produced by extracting energy from the air conditioner’s compressor, reducing heat transfer to the atmosphere by 15%. The system can produce hot water ranging from 60 – 450 liters and of up to 70°C without electricity, saving consumers up to 80% of electricity costs. PAC Frenergy lessens the negative impact on the environment compared to the conventional water heating systems on the market that use fossil fuels such as gas, oil and coals, simultaneously slowing down the effect of global warming.

“The coaching session about finance — how to make a financial model and financial plan was the most valuable part for PAC Corporation. We didn’t know how to work on long-term or short-term plan, so PFAN advised us a lot on how to do that, and also on risk mitigation”.

Today, PAC Frenergy, the first energy-saving air-conditioner of Thailand, is proudly patented.

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