PFAN’s Covid-19 Response

We have opened a second window for registration for PFAN’s Covid-19 Virtual Clinics (2nd cohort). The clinics target project developers complying with PFAN eligibility criteria. It is an advisory service to be provided free of charge and in collaboration with GET.invest. Participants will be identified through a selection process. Please visit here for more information and to sign up, deadline is 2 August 2020.

PFAN and GET.invest have jointly compiled an extensive list of Covid-19 response initiatives (relief funds, useful information, and other resources) which might help supporting your business through these uncertain times. Please visit our up-to-date list here.

PFAN’S 3-Step Covid-19 Response

As the global network of climate and clean energy financing advisors, we would like to offer our expertise in helping climate entrepreneurs towards ensuring business continuity in these turbulent times. While we give our priority attention and support to project developers from the PFAN network (past and present), we are also open to new applications especially if introduced through our investor and donor partners.

The scope of support to be provided is in line with PFAN’s core expertise around the areas of developing bankable projects and enabling access to finance. In this specific case, the focus of the mentoring will be on business continuity and enabling access to special Covid-19 Relief Funds and financing facilities from investors and donors as well as supporting rescheduling and renegotiation of existing facilities.

We have already completed step 1 (webinars) of our 3-step approach. We have verified the market and the applicability of our approach and are now ready to invite applications from project developers and business owners to participate in step 2 – the Virtual Clinics – and have the chance to be selected for further tailored, 1-1 advice.

PFAN conducts the Virtual Clinics in collaboration with GET.invest, a programme that mobilises investments in decentralised renewable energy with the support from the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Step 2: The Virtual Clinics

What is the scope of the Virtual Clinics?

PFAN Virtual Clinics deliver expert help to project developers in evaluating the current status of their business and identifying steps to address the increased challenges faced due to the pandemic. The clinics will be a combination of individual consultations with a dedicated expert from the PFAN or GET.invest networks and thematic learning sessions in groups.

As an outcome of the Virtual Clinics, each project developer will receive a personalised diagnostic report on their project/business’ resilience and vulnerability to the effects of the Covid-19 crisis, and a set of related suggestions which will help them formulate and implement a coherent and considered response.

Who are the target beneficiaries?

The Virtual Clinics target  project developers and business owners compliant with the PFAN eligibility criteria.

Target beneficiaries include:

  • Projects and businesses currently receiving or that have received PFAN support in the past;
  • Clean energy & climate adaptation projects and businesses already in operation that have been affected by Covid-19 (new to PFAN);
  • Late stage development projects whose investment and launch plans have been affected by Covid-19.

PFAN especially encourages female project developers and entrepreneurs to apply for PFAN’s Covid-19 Clinic. PFAN recognises not only its responsibility but also the opportunity to contribute towards the overarching goal of gender equality and the empowerment of women within both its internal operations and market facing activities.


What are the selection criteria for the Virtual Clinics?

Registrations to participate in the Clinics will be assessed based on the following selection criteria and respective scoring weighting:


How to apply?

Please click here to register for the Virtual Clinics. The deadline is 2 August.


Step 3: Tailored, 1-1 Advice

After the Virtual Clinics, another selection will take place to short list businesses to progress to tailored 1-1 advice.

In this step, a dedicated Covid-19 team of PFAN and GET.invest Advisors will provide intensive technical assistance, business planning and financial advisory support on the following:

  • Development of a Covid-19 Adaptation Plan (e.g. on pivoting and testing the business model adapted for the pandemic);
  • Practical advice on implementation of the plan;
  • Support in new funding and investment applications including introduction to appropriate investors and other finance providers;
  • Restructuring negotiations with existing lenders and shareholders.