Shrimp commodities & operations with cold storage & Individual Quick Freezing in Indonesia

PT Sumber Mina Investama



Individual Quick Freezing (IQF), a freezing method used in food processing industry.

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GHG mitigation potential (tonnes of CO2e/year)


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Hari Yuwono

PFAN Advisor

With processed shrimp products having longer shelf life up of to one year, being more hygienic and free from dangerous diseases and pests, PT. Sumber Mina Investama, a fishery product processing company, focuses on shrimp commodities and operations with cold storage and Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) to maintain a cold chain system. The company operates shrimp processing plants in South Sulawesi and In East Java, and has formed a business partnership with exporter CV Kudatama Mas to help meet the high market demand for processed shrimp. The company currently has three client requests, all of which come from the United States, with the total of these requests reaching ca. USD 20 million.

The emergence of the processing shrimp plant will create new jobs for the local population through approximately 100 to 800 workers, and the company aims to exercise a strong gender focus by creating new jobs for women. PT. Sumber Mina Investama also commits to using renewable energy sources from on-grid, grid-tie solar power systems for better operational cost-efficiency which in turn enables other related businesses to grow, and reduce GHG emissions through adopting renewables as energy sources and increase market access to fishery products.

Since becoming part of the PFAN journey in February 2021 and receiving expert coaching from PFAN advisors, PT Sumber Mina Investama was successfully able to reach debt investment of USD 1,370,000.00 from PT. Jaring Aruna Dagang, a private company in Indonesia.