Supporting Women Climate Entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Don’t miss our webinar, “Supporting Women Climate Entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa”, co-organised with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC – EUMC) on 15 December at 14:00 – 15:30 CET. 

Aim of the webinar:

  • Introduction on research on ”Strengthening Ecosystems for Women Climate Entrepreneurs’’
  • Opportunities to learn from experiences from PFAN Gender Focal Points
  • Opportunities to learn about different women entrepreneur support organisations active in SSA
  • Opportunities to exchange, uncover biggest needs and share best practises

Climate change disproportionately impacts women, and the linkages between climate impacts and gender inequality are evident and well understood. Many businesses, entrepreneurs and organisations providing innovative solutions to the climate crisis understand the need to involve women as agents of change for climate smart solutions. However, while women entrepreneurs are critical to a thriving and inclusive economy, yet they face numerous challenges in growing their businesses. Women Climate Entrepreneurs (WCEs) in sub-Saharan Africa are particularly exposed to them and there is limited research that assesses the issues or presents actionable recommendations to the wider ecosystem.

WUSC, the World University Service of Canada, has addressed this gap and developed a knowledge product as part of the AWCE project implemented together with Aga Khan Foundation and ANDE, where they identify numerous challenges and opportunities for WCEs with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Moreover, they provide recommendations targeting incubators and accelerators, given their vital role in advancing the capacity of WCEs to innovate and scale.

In the webinar organised in collaboration between PFAN and WUSC, women entrepreneurs from sub-Saharan Africa will have the opportunity to learn about the key findings from WUSC’s knowledge product. PFAN services will be introduced to the entrepreneurs, highlighting how this support addresses some of the challenges identified by the research. Specific experiences supporting women entrepreneurs will be presented during a panel discussion session with the PFAN Gender Focal Points and Value for Women gender expert. Finally, the participating entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to share their experiences and their needs for support. This in turn will be an opportunity for PFAN to learn from the women entrepreneurs themselves on their needs.

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