PFAN featured in ‘Powering the Future: Clean Energy Innovation in Developing Markets’ at COP26

Launching: COP26 at the SDG7 Pavilion at 13:00-13:45 on 6th November 2021


PFAN is featured in the Powering the Future: Clean Energy Innovation in Developing Markets, a news-style programme co-produced by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) and ITN Productions. The programme looks at the importance of accessing cleaner, greener energy for emerging economies now and in the future.

Investment in renewable energy across the globe remains deeply uneven.  Advancing market readiness for clean energy and energy access is extremely challenging across hugely diverse global landscapes. Unlocking global ambitions for greener energy across the developing world needs sustainable local financing.

Anchored by ITN Productions presenter Sharon Thomas from the ITN Productions London studio, Powering the Future: Clean Energy Innovation in Developing Markets hears from experts within the sector highlighting innovative solutions for clean energy access in low and middle income countries.  The programme looks at the human and environmental benefits of accessing cleaner, greener energy, mobilising and accelerating private capital in developing markets and raises awareness of the importance of supporting market readiness in developing and emerging markets.The programme features informative interviews and sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations filmed in studio and remotely on location.

In a special report from Vienna, reporter Julie MacDonald shines a spotlight on the businesses that hold the key to transforming energy markets in developing nations. Elfreide-Anna More, Director for International Climate and Environmental Affairs, Austrian Ministry for Climate Action, explains the benefits of REEEP’s involvement and expertise in understanding local markets and local investor priorities, with a long-term thinking approach.

Establishing sustainable energy infrastructure and businesses requires investment, but for low- and middle-income countries financing this can be a challenge. The Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) has helped to facilitate investment for 175 projects across Central America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, including a community-led hydro power scheme that sells clean energy back to Kenya’s national grid. Peter Storey, Global Co-ordinator, PFAN and Stephen Sicars, Managing Director, UNIDO share their knowledge on accelerating investment to strategically fill the investment gap between entrepreneurs and investors looking for opportunities in the clean energy space.

While the world races to meet carbon reduction goals, there are approximately 800 million people worldwide without access to reliable and affordable electricity.  Actis are a global investor in sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy.  In the programme, Lucy Heintz, Head of Energy Infrastructure, Actis, explains what makes renewable energy so attractive to emerging markets, how Actis is helping to facilitate much needed investments and the importance of starting off emerging economies sustainably.

Millions of sub-Saharan Africans still lack access to electricity. The Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa aims to bring clean, off-grid energy access to up to six million people in at least five African countries by 2026. In a special report, Ash Sharma, Head, Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa, Nefco, explains how the Beyond the Grid Fund incentivises locally based private sector companies to provide affordable green solutions like solar home systems to rural areas. The films also hears from experts Anna-Maj Hultgard, Swedish Ambassador to Zambia and Victor Mbumwae, Director of Planning, Office of Vice President, Zambia sharing information about how they are working to mobilise resources and stimulate rural communities.

With rising sea levels, island nations are on the frontlines of climate change and sustainable energy transition. The Clinton Foundation is supporting islands including the Seychelles with the development of floating solar. President Bill Clinton, Founder and Board Chair, Clinton Foundation explains the potential floating solar holds for islands, and we hear Tony Imaduwa, CEO of the Seychelles Energy Commission and Angelique Pouponneau, CEO, Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust discusses the financial benefits of investing in renewable energy.

Erin Stewart, Lead Communications Manager at REEEP said: “As we are facing a critical tipping point in climate change, new and innovative ways of providing clean, efficient, affordable energy must be at the forefront of moving away from fossil fuels and traditional energy sources. All the organisations in this film are dedicated to realising the Sustainable Development Goal 7 – Energy Access for All, and its launch at COP26 will reach a global audience working towards a more sustainable future.’’

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Productions Industry News said: “We are delighted to be working with REEEP to make a programme that raises awareness of the need to strengthen our actions globally to accelerate investment solutions to tackle climate change and provide greener energy infrastructure for emerging markets. The programme demonstrates the incredible innovations and solutions by leading organisations driving significant change and provides a platform to shine a spotlight on significant contributions to societal and global advancements.”

The programme will launch at COP26 at the SDG7 Pavilion at 13:00-13:45 on 6th November 2021 and will form part of an extensive communications campaign featuring REEEP members and professional partners.

The full programme can be viewed here.

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