Development of Climate Resilient Sustainable Shrimp Value Chain in Bangladesh




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The project intends to develop a climate resilient sustainable shrimp value chain with the farmers and the farming community that will enable to progressively enhance climate resilience and secure production efficiency while avoiding adverse social and environmental impacts. The project is setting up a 100% export-oriented shrimp processing plant to produce and export frozen shrimp and its value-added product. Necessary assistance will be given to farms to increase the quality and quantity of production and post-harvest management on the adverse situation of climate change impact. Collection Points (CP) will be established for each LBU with icing and grading facility. The project will establish CP as service providing center for the producer group member. Improved processing facility will be established at the CP to produce high value products for European market from farmer’s supplied shrimp. Improved packaging facility will also be established for retail packaging for shrimp.